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Have a problem? We create solutions.

When approaching a project, many contractors will cut corners by using cheaper grade materials or doing surface repairs. While this will save money in the short term, in the long term, homeowners end up facing even costlier problems that could have been solved the first time.

The way we approach projects is unique to every home because every home comes with its own history.  We take time to figure out the root issues and develop a solution that fits your budget and does not create new problems for you in the future. Below we've included some of our past projects to highlight some typical home owner issues that we've created solutions for. 

Remodel: Hawks Saves The Day

For this project, we needed to fix a previous contractor's incorrect installation. The contractor had framed and installed doors incorrectly and after finding out that it was all due to a structural framing issue, a full tear out and remodel ensued.

The doors were first removed, then the walls and floor opened up to see the current state of the framing. We discovered the wall was extended over an extra inch past what it should have been. After identifying that the entire room's framing was off, the real work began.

After the flooring and wall framing was corrected, everything was then built back up.

Lastly, we reinstalled the doors correctly and installed new tile flooring.

When all was said and done, we not only repaired the single room but also installed a new floating panel patio on the roof and added access to it with a new staircase onto the exterior of the home.


This project is just another example of the care we put into our workmanship. If you are ever in need of any help, please let us know and we will be there to help turn your house into a home you will cherish.


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