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Have a problem? We create solutions.

When approaching a project, many contractors will cut corners by using cheaper grade materials or doing surface repairs. While this will save money in the short term, in the long term, homeowners end up facing even costlier problems that could have been solved the first time.

The way we approach projects is unique to every home because every home comes with its own history.  We take time to figure out the root issues and develop a solution that fits your budget and does not create new problems for you in the future. Below we've included some of our past projects to highlight some typical home owner issues that we've created solutions for. 

Ever wondered how to protect your exterior wood trim?

We get this question all the time. Whether it's a new flat roof or a new set of windows, everything looks amazing until the weather starts to wear on the wood. Living in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is never forgiving and sooner or later the paint will start to chip and the wood will start to wear.

So what's the answer? Aluminum Cladding.

Alside makes this incredible product in 20 different colors and we customize it to fit your project. Aluminum Cladding never needs to be repainted, is weather proof and it makes it so you never have to worry about your wood rotting. You can use it for Window trim, Deck Rails and Roof rakes. Best part of all, it looks amazing. Check out the photos, see the difference for yourself!


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