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Have a problem? We create solutions.

When approaching a project, many contractors will cut corners by using cheaper grade materials or doing surface repairs. While this will save money in the short term, in the long term, homeowners end up facing even costlier problems that could have been solved the first time.

The way we approach projects is unique to every home because every home comes with its own history.  We take time to figure out the root issues and develop a solution that fits your budget and does not create new problems for you in the future. Below we've included some of our past projects to highlight some typical home owner issues that we've created solutions for. 

Custom designed Metal and Asphalt Combo Roof


After purchasing their new home, the homeowners realized the previous owners had power washed the roof. Power washing is a huge mistake! It knocks out the granules from your shingles, opens pores and causes the roof to accept water.

The moisture can lead to algae growing on your roof and that stuff will just eat away at your shingles. If you ever notice mold in your attic, take care of it immediately because mold can have a terrible impact on your health.

Solution: We custom designed a metal roof to be integrated into their new Asphalt Shingle Roof. Metal is resistant to insects, fire, and mildew. It can also take on high winds and sheds snow easily. We opted to install metal to the top story of their home to compliment a dark grey asphalt shingle on the lower level.


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